Hubris Has Nothing to Do With It

I think we need to stop blaming women for holding their bodies to standards our society and culture actively glorify. I read an article in high school, “Too ‘Close to the Bone’: The Historical Context for Women’s Obsession with Slenderness” by Roberta Seid and at the time, it spoke to me and riled me up as a fellow feminist and active believer that I was allowed to be any weight that I wanted. She said “If avoiding fatness and possible disease is the main preoccupation of our lives, then what are we living for?” And this made so much sense to me then.

Now I have a different perspective on this article. While I know Seid was fighting for the woman against the shaming of fat, she was also shaming the woman for her desire to be thin. I don’t believe this is fair. She said, “Surely this is the worst form of hubris- to despise our bodies because they are not perfect.” But she’s so wrong. Despising our bodies has nothing to do with our pride, but our self-worth. Our bodies are temples and women worship in different ways.

I think after struggling with disordered thoughts for so long I was willing to believe I was to blame for wanting to lose weight and look different. It was my fault that I looked the way I looked, it was my fault that I didn’t like what I saw. But this is also wrong. The mind works in flashes and we flutter to keep up; those plagued with body image issues know all too well the hell of what goes on in the mind when these things are happening to the body. If this is more than a physical battle, why are we going to war with society instead of addressing the mental health of our women first?


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